Dieting is a Mental Game


At least it is for me. As is stated, dieting is simple but not easy. I think (for me) it’s not easy because it’s a mental thing. Feeling full on 1,000 calories is possible. It’s doable and I know because I’ve done it. So why am I having problems now?

I know my life has drastically changed since I had first started. I no longer work. I no longer have a set schedule or take my lunch to work (where it was actually really hard to stray from what I brought and I used that to my advantage).

I’ve got to get my head in the game (cue “High School Musical”). I’m struggling with that. I’ve lost approximately 12lbs. It’s enough that my one pair of shorts fit loose. I think that has actually slowed me down for three mental reasons: 1) I like those shorts and don’t want to lose them, 2) I don’t have the next size down (couldn’t afford them), and 3) because they’re loose, I feel as though I can “take it easy” on the losing weight bit. Ridiculous, all of them, I know. But, nonetheless, true.

Another thing that has been keeping me from being mentally all Venus is my daughter. She’s still sick. No longer vomiting (thank goodness), but we’re going on three weeks of diarrhea. I’ve been to the pediatrician so often the nurses know me. Tomorrow I get to take her to get blood work done. If she doesn’t get better soon, a trip to the GI specialist is in our future. Fun times.

The last thing that has kept me from winning is it’s Craving Week… Or it was. It just ended. TOM comes next week. This is Moody Week. Since we were all either sick or exhausted, I survived most of Craving Week. Unfortunately, I had a three day food fest that made up for the week. Heck, I think it made up for the month! (Note: if I don’t blog for the day, that means I went way over everything. *cringe*)

I need a swift kick in the pants. I’m trying to get back on track. I did fairly well today, even though it ended with McNuggets. I was still hungry after dinner, but since I didn’t really feel like tracking more food and being disappointed in myself, I didn’t eat anything else. I’m pretty sure it’s because I went so crazy these last couple of days that I was “hungry” and not really hungry.